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Call for discussion

Talking about women’s empowerment we are missing one very important area -women in science. The area is covering intellectual and very important for economical growth sphere. Only the innovative, based on scientific achievements economy is able to be competitive globally. Thus the problem is of high interest for all countries. However in the scientific fields of research producing background for high technologies such as physics, IT and engineering, technological sciences etc women scientists are minority. In those areas their professional, administrative and decision making talents are not used at all. The problem has deep historical roots and is closely concerned with women’s empowerment. Moreover that scientific activity is closely concerned with contemporary political solutions everywhere and vice versa. It is clear that if women are not participating in science we are lacking scientifically educated women in policy making bodies where decisions on most important questions concerned for example with use of recourses are solved. It means that the voice of women there is not heard and women’s opinion is not taken into account when solving the problems and vice versa. If science educated women are lacking in policy making bodies the understanding about gender equality issuers in research are lacking and science is losing women talents.

Thus I suggest open serious discussions on inclusion of “women in science” topic in the agenda of Working Group on Women and Democracy.